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13 Types Waveform 10 Leads Medical Simulator For Monitor / ECG Machine 

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) 
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Model No.: PLG-2000G

ECG simulator 10 leads ECG machine simulator with 13 type waveform function for monitor and ECG machine</stro

ECG simulator 10 leads ECG machine simulator with 13 type waveform function for monitor and ECG machine





1.The simulator with high-capacity built-in Lithium battery that can be recharged, and work long hours; It can be worked more than 100 hours after full recharge.(At the moment ex-work).Please do not over-discharge. And please use the proper charger, the charger voltage can not higher than 4.2V;
2.10 pcs multi-functional ECG connector, it can be connect with ECG machine or patient monitor ECG cable;
3.The green light of charger lighting indicate recharge finished, the red light indicate low battery;
4.With Low battery power automatic turn off function, protect the Lithium battery



Specification and operation instruction


The simulator can be generate these waveform as below, the first code representative below waveform:


1.Normal ECG waveform


2.Plus-minus triangular waveform


3.Heart rate uneven analog triangular waveform


4.Square wave,use the square wave to measure scan speed


5.Sinusoidal wave, measure amplitude-frequency characteristic


6.Analog respiratory wave


7.Calibration waveform 1MV


8.Setting signal range


9.ECG waveform with pacing signal


10.The triangular wave which width of bottom can be changed


11.The ECG waveform which can be changed T wave amplitude, heart rate, QRS waveform amplitude, QRS waveform width


12.Pacing signal


13.The sinusoidal waveform overlying 2Hz triangular wave




Operation of each waveform and adjustable range


1.Normal ECG waveform
* Heart rate setting range:10-200bpm (Initial value:60 bpm)
* Signal amplitude is fixed

2.Plus-minus triangular waveform
* Frequency range: 10-300bpm (Initial value: 75 bpm)
* Amplitude range: 0.1-4Mv (10:0.1mV,400:4mV)
* 2 modes, mode I: Positive waveform; mode II: negative waveform; Use combination of keys to select.

3.Heart rate uneven analog triangular waveform
* Frequency range: 20-250bpm;(Initial value:80 bpm)
* Amplitude range: 0.1-4Mv(10:0.1mV, 400:4mV)
* 2 modes, mode I: big waveform in upside, mode 2: big waveform in downside, use combination of keys to select.

4.Square wave
* Frequency range: 0.1Hz-10Hz (10:0.1Hz, 100:10Hz); (Initial value: 1 Hz )
* Amplitude range: 0.1-4Mv (10:0.1mV, 400: 4mV);

5.Sinusoidal wave
* Frequency range: 1-100Hz (Initial value: 10 Hz)
* Amplitude range: 0.1-4Mv (10:0.1mV, 400:4mV)
* Can be superimposed the DC component on the waveform, range is 0.1mV-3mV (10:0.1mV,
400: 4mV);
* Use the combination of keys, select the parameter and changed, model 1: Frequency; model
2: superimposed DC component(10:0.1mV ,400:4mV);

6.Analog respiratory wave
* Frequency range: 1-100times/minutes. (Initial value: 10 bpm);
* Note: ignore the ECG signal at this moment

7.Calibration waveform 1MV 100US
* Frequency range: 60bpm

8.Signal range setting
* Amplitude range: 0.1mV-4mV (10: 0.1mV, 400: 4mV) ; (Initial value: 100)
* Note: this amplitude setting will affect all waveform except ECG waveform

9.ECG waveform with pacing signal
* 2 types work mode: mode I: pulse waveform; mode II: ECG signal with pacing pulses; Use combination of keys to select.
* Frequency range: 20-250 bpm; (Initial value: 60)
* The width of pulse waveform: 1ms-300ms; (Initial value: 80ms)
* Pulse waveform width adjustment, it impact the pulse waveform in both modes.
* The pulse waveform amplitude effect by signal amplitude setting of 8 above

10.Width can be adjusted triangular wave
* Waveform amplitude: 0.1mV-4mV (10:0.1mV , 400: 4mV);
* Frequency range: Fixed 60times /S
* Width adjustment range: 2ms-400ms; (Initial value: 100ms)

11.Analog ECG waveform
* This waveform have 4 working modes, mode 1: it can change the amplitude of T-wave; mode 2: setting waveform frequency; mode 3: setting amplitude of QRS waveform; mode 4: setting width of QRS waveform; The working mode can change with combination of keys.
* T-wave amplitude setting range: 0.1mV-2mV; (Initial value: 10)
* Waveform frequency setting range: 20-300bpm; (Initial value: 75 )
* QRS waveform amplitude setting range: 0.1mV-4mV; (Initial value: 1mV )
* QRS waveform width range: 10ms-150ms (Initial value: 80ms )

12.Pacing signal ( Pulse waveform )
* This waveform have 2 types : positive and negative direction pulse waveform
* Unit is 0.1 millisecond
* Amplitude setting have to set in signal amplitude setting (8)

13.Sinusoidal waveform with 2Hz overlying triangular wave
* It can setting the amplitude of triangular waveform



1. The simulator will automatically generate Normal ECG waveform when connect to power
2. The LED display will be off automatically if without operation after 5 seconds, press any key will be returned to display


Key Description:

There are 4 keys, followed by selection key, increase key, reducing key, the Enter key, an one set combination keys


Select Key:
This key is used to select the parameter that you want to change; there are 4 LED tubes to display the four codes , it represent content of display separately;
The 1st LED representative waveform code, LED 2-4 representatives the parameter (2 is the value of one hundred, 3 representatives of ten, 4 representatives of bits). The light at the down side right corner of LED representative the selected content; can be changed.

Increasing key:
After selecting the content, using this key to change parameter;

Reducing key:
After selecting the content, using this key to change parameter;

Enter key:

After finishing parameter setting,press this key to confirm the change,and generate the waveform;

Combination of keys:

Press the Enter key while press the selecting key, loosen the Enter key, and then loosen the selecting key, at this moment mean have selected one combination keys. Press the Enter key again it will indicate different content.


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